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Dodge & Fuski

Am 05.11.2011 sind die britischen Dupstep Künstler MODESTEP und DODGE & FUSKI zu Gast in Karlsruhe. Ausführliche Infos zu diesem Termin findet ihr hier

Den Anlass haben die Veranstalter (Basstronaut) genutzt und vorab ein kurzes Email Interview geführt.

Et Voila!

What do you prefer: Club Or Studio

Club definitely. We love the studio too but crowd surfing is difficult to do with 2 people in the room.

Worst thing that happened on tour?

Being sick on an aeroplane with no sickbags.

Ever played in Germany before?

Not yet!

What do you associate with Germany or know about Germany?

Techno and high quality pornography

Do you know anything about the German Dubstep scene? Any artists maybe?

Current Value is the first person who comes to mind – we know he’s not primarily a dubstep artist but we’re aware of plenty of his tunes. Good music to relax to.

Flux Pavilion or Doctor P?

Close call

Benga Or Skream?

Probably Skream

What do you think about hatin‘ on Skrillex for ruining Dubstep?

Load of rubbish. Skrillex undeniably transformed the scene but in a good way. Anyway, wasn’t that Borgore’s catchphrase?

Your new Ep is just out, what can we expect from the future? Any collabos planned? Maybe with Never Say Die labelmates?

There’s gonna be another release on Never Say Die before the end of the year. It’s gonna be a big one with some heavy remixes 😉

How long did it take to get where you are? How long are you making music ?

Probably around 9 years since we started making music. We’ve been doing Dodge & Fuski & DJ-ing for about 2 years.

Any advice to the young producers and dj’s out there?

We’ve started doing regular production tutorials on our youtube channel. There’s gonna be lots of advice on production and more, make sure you check it out at www.youtube.com/user/dodgeandfuskitv.

Favorite song atm?

Loving some of the remixes on the new Porter Robinson EP.

thank you for the interview!

Modstep Karlsruhe

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